“When an inexperienced gardener sees
yellow leafs on a tree, he keeps removing
them, hoping that the tree will become or at
least appear healthier. A wise gardener
however,will seek to determine the real
problems that are deep in the roots.”

The arrival of Sir Herbert Samuel, H.B.M. High Commissioner with Col. Lawrence, Emir Abdullah, Air Marshal Salmond and Sir Wyndham Deedes, 1920 - Source: Wikipedia.org Learn more

A Short history of Abuse

From the beginning of the 20th century when the British and French arbitrarily divided up the land, the Middle East has been a region focussed on borders, wars and demographic dilemmas. Charged with the care of these lands, the Great Powers sought to exploit every opportunity, plundering resources across the region, dividing nations to form states all to further their own interests. These were the dying days of the age of colonialism and it was to get no better in the Cold War.

During the Cold War the peoples of this region may have had nominal independence and announced statehood, but in reality they were pawns to be played out in a game designed in dark rooms in Washington and Moscow. This epic battle of wits gave rise to a desire for an ever expanding sphere of influence, a constant jostling for position and alliances- and this meant supplying arms. Between the super powers, the USA and the USSR supplied billions of dollars in weaponry to anyone who would take them, locking this region into a Realpolitik mentality that must be broken.

The disgrace that has been the Great Power Policy towards the Middle East must be blown out the water, and a polemic shift has to underwrite the movement for a united humanity. Greed supplies greed. Dirty business feeds dirty politicians and the people lose.

Teaching Hate

A religious man should be a righteous man and a righteous man should be a man of peace. Unfortunately, all too often this is not the case. From Palestinian television and newspapers which constantly portray Jews as a caricature and suggest the murder of the Jews in the name of Allah, to the section of the religious right who go as far as killing their prime minister for leaning left and attack mosques, there is a gross and widespread abuse of religious teachings.
In every religion exists the foundation of a relationship with the divine and a relationship with one’s fellow man. Today it seems as though the human side is forgotten altogether as the killing and hate in the name of the divine is expressed as the only truth to be followed. This, in no uncertain terms, is wrong and misguided not only on a human level but regarding the purpose of religion itself.

Religion is the manifestation of faith in a life structure that adherents can follow, the purpose of which is to be good, conscientious human beings reverential towards all people. Reading the bible or the Koran and gleaning violence as the predominant message is a tragic trend amongst Muslims, Jews and Christians which has to stop.

Money Is not God

The pursuit of profit has corrupted leaders, bankrupted values and robbed society of a sense of purpose. It is our relationships we should be caring about, not our profits. Although it is important to develop the economic prospects of the poor in the region, its purpose should be liberation, and not further enslavement to a new religion of consumerism. Children are growing up expecting and demanding instead of inquiring and giving. There is a world of depth and meaning to be explored, but after a century of failed ideologies and the worst of human brutality the young have learned only to believe in themselves and their wallets. Today’s heroes are not the brave human beings who go and stand up for what they believe but shallow celebrities and their lifestyles of excess.

There is a growing dichotomy between religious people and the secular. Today youth feel that they have one choice: to shun completely the modern world by burying themselves in religion which leaves them vulnerable to messages of division, or to live in a tolerant secular world that leaves them faithless and alone.

The religious thesis and the secular antithesis should form a synthesis whereby the religious teachings of morality and value, community and discipline of mind and body take place in an atmosphere of tolerance.