“If we can really understand the problem,

the answer will come out of it, because the
answer is not separate from the problem”
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Social Entrepreneurship:

Capital is humanity's resource. From the ground and through endeavor it is capital which is the building block of progress. There is little debate over its value but there have been, throughout the 20th Century in particular, different ideas as to how it should be distributed.

The general consensus since the fall of communism has been that at the centre of capital growth is the individual and not the state and therefore private capital is a superior form of capital distribution due to its inherent freedoms, the incentive of personal gain, and the scale of growth in global economies. This being said there is a question to be asked of the 21st century: Can individuals expand the motives for private capital from the central core of the pursuit of profit to include social and environmental concerns. These goals of economic gain, social development and environmental preservation are the core of Social Entrepreneurship (SE).

As a concept, SE is finding its way into boardrooms, universities and entrepreneurial plans across the world. But this is just a first step, as today we have the ability to sharp shoot societal problems through SE economic development one by one, issue by issue. We who comprise the civil society can make the changes we all seek through the cooperation of capital towards higher goals.

Thinking Big:

We inhabit a constantly expanding and unfathomably large universe which offers infinite possibility for a creative mind. We should not be afraid to think in terms of big ideas and grand visions for if we do not think big we can not do big and as we all know this is a world rife with problems that require solutions of us. We are the difference, it us who can create the world we seek but we need to de-chain ourselves, run out of the cave, step into the revealing light of the sun and be inspired.

Too often we find ourselves intimidated by the details of the implementation of an idea to push ourselves to succeed but by focussing on the destination the path becomes that much clearer. This is the way with the plan of peace. When we focus on our dream of unity and cooperation and not borders or settlements the way begins to reveal itself.

It is true that the Peoples' Peace is a grand ambition but it is one that is pursued with great faith and relentless passion and our success will come in time by staying strong, remembering the goal and above all never being afraid to think big.

Teaching Love:

The world over, pulpits are afforded to those who have devoted their lives to God. Billions gather to hear the sermons of their religious leaders, their actions determined by the words spoken, the weight of which determine the balance between war and peace. This then is a direct appeal to you the religious leaders of the human faiths to ensure that the example you set and the sermons you give reflect the purest of all messages; that love is the guiding light of the divine.

To seek direction from the great religious texts can lead to a conflict within ourselves over the correct route to walk. For example Leviticus 19:18 tells us that we should love our neighbors as ourselves and yet in Leviticus 18:22 we are told that homosexuality is an abomination. Here there is a conflict for if our neighbor is homosexual then should we love him regardless or shall he be shunned? Love is the guiding light of the divine, love is the guiding light of the divine, love is the guiding light of the divine; repeat until the answer presents itself.

When congregants are gathered tell them that it is love that is the core of our communities, connection with our fellow man our greatest treasure and the challenges of our time will become that much easier.