What is happening right now!

Mark your calendars: December 2015 is our annual
conference! We need everyone to spread the word!
Join us for an "Evening for Peace".

What is coming soon:

Joseph Zarabi, founder of the PPI,
will give lectures in two prominent
universities in Israel sometimes
during the last quarter of 2015.
More information will be posted soon.


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People's Peace Initiative?


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

There are so many troubles in this world, conflicts in every corner of the earth and yet the greatest challenge of them all is to end the artificial divides of the Levant, the perception of the other between the peoples of Israel and Palestine. Recognizing that throughout the annals of history no place has been more loved, fought for more intensely and generated such passion as the Holy Land a peaceful solution here shall be the inspiration for the world to come together. How tragic it is that the spiritual center of the world for billions of people is also a battleground. What despair that brothers since time immemorial have sought to destroy rather than share and learn from one another. The age of pain is over for tomorrow brings a new Middle East, a powerful Middle East, which shall shine the beacon of hope beyond all horizons. The People's Peace Initiative is the plan of action to bring about this new reality.

The Cultural Peace Center: Jerusalem

The Cultural Peace Center will be the home of peace at the heart of the conflict, Jerusalem as the central node of the People's Peace. Too long has the challenge of ending conflict been in the hands of a political class too concerned with holding power, dogged by ulterior motives...Read more


It is abundantly clear how fundamental quality education is to the enrichment of civilization. This means principles of life-long learning, opportunities for all and setting people on the path to self-actualization. The Cultural Peace Center will develop and facilitate 21st century educational solutions. The people of the Middle East need to rediscover the beautiful and innovative spirit that created so many of the values that form the bedrock of humanity...Read more

Job Creation

Thriving economies and high employment rates are vital for creating the comfortable atmosphere in which to embrace former enemies. Too many people have to struggle through life and when backs are against the wall it is only natural that blame be laid at the feet of those you are told are the culprits. The Cultural Peace Center will bring together entrepreneurs to work ceaselessly to raise the standard of living across the region....Read more

Cultural and Economic Union

The ultimate goal of the Cultural Peace Center is to bring about a Cultural and Economic Union in the region. Embracing the economic peace philosophy, The Cultural Peace Center shall make a compelling case through the success of its projects for a united region embracing a common future...Read more


The People's Peace Initiative is a non-profit organization working on bringing Peace to the Middle East through Education, Awareness and Job Creation for both Israelis and Palestininans. We believe that by creating a more educated and wealthier community on both side, we will bring stability and peace to the region...Read more